The cover for the fatigability index survey. In early 2017 the survey was administered to adults with SCI, who are full-time wheelchair users, in order to measure the psychometric properties of the index.


I was associate producer for the Telehealth Survey Introduction Film which was created to explain the principle of telehealth, and its future significance, to survey participants


The ‘Frigid-Dare’ art suite (pic) that I helped create for ICEHOTEL 2010, in Arctic Sweden. Working at temperatures down to -40º. 

The design is based on the notion of sleeping in the fridge.


Grading student papers, assisted by my sidekick Tootsie.

An ‘at a glance’ chart enabling healthcare professionals to rapidly identify the levels of mental and physical fatigue in patients with an SCI, and to intervene appropriately.

This chart was created and designed as part of my PhD study.

Relaxing, and soaking up the early 20th century atmosphere, at one of Britain’s foremost transportation museums.

Touring the beautiful American South West, arriving at the point where Forrest Gump stopped his run.

Flyer for our award winning slate of disability films.

Images from the Choosing A Wheelchair film.

My 1775 books ‘Letters on the improvement of the mind addressed to young ladies.’


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